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Performing a spiritual cleansing

The process of performing a spiritual cleansing is a deeply moving process that begins at down and ends only when the last door way is salted and the last lintel is anointed.  I explain the full process here and encourage everyone to do it as described.  If you can not do it all, then do as much as you can every day until it’s complete.

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How Do You Begin?

  • Gather your ingredients together the night before.
  • De-clutter your house before you start. 
  • Gather all the laundry into a laundry room, or wash the laundry before you start.
  • You begin just before dawn.
  • You perform this work with out speaking.

Getting Started:

Take a spiritual bath and dress in clean clothes you can work in.  It is best to take the bath before you begin, so that you can add your bath water to the wash water.  Some like to take the bath afterwards, but if you do that, you still need to prepare yourself before hand.  If you prefer this, make sure you wash your hands and your feet, and your forehead with a spiritual cleaner.  I use the wash water I prepare for the house, using a clean white cloth.

Next Step:

  • Prepare your wash water in a bucket, as directed on my recipe guide.  Use what is left of your bath water with this.
  • Put some of the wash water into the spray bottle
  • Make up the Floor/Carpet Sprinkle

You clean the house from top to bottom, from back to front at dawn.  Do not speak while performing the work.  If you are working with someone however do not frustrate yourself trying to pantomime, simply speak to each other in respectful tones that you would use in church.  While you are working, recite any of the following psalms or pray out loud or to yourself.

Psalm 3 – Against demons, headache, migraine or backache
Psalm 23 – For abundance good luck and success
Psalm 37 – Protection from Enemies and Gossipers
Psalm 53 – Protection from those who do evil.

What you will need:

  1. Spiritual Bath or Cleaner (Chinese Floor wash is preferred, but you can make your own from most household ingredients)
  2. Incense (Frankincense and Myrrh are preferred, but sandlewood sticks are fine and often easy to buy at the supermarket)
  3. White candles (Kosher candles are preferable, but white tea lights are fine.  A plain white glass encased vigil candle can also be used.)
  4. Kosher Salt (Regular salt is acceptable if that’s all you have)
  5. Anointing Oil (A hoodoo oil such as Van Van, Uncrossing or Firey Wall of Protection is preferred, but Olive Oil is good as well, otherwise any non-animal cooking oil is acceptable.)
  6. Floor/Carpet Sprinkle (Van Van sachet powder is best but you can make your own.)
  7. A broom (new preferably)
  8. A mop (new preferably) and bucket
  9. A Duster (new preferably)
  10. A vacuum if you have carpets
  11. White cleaning rags (new preferably)
  12. Spray bottle (new preferably)

Wash each room in the following manner:

  1. Light a white candle dressed with your anointing oil in the room.  Light your incense.  You may light one candle and some incense and leave it in each room, or carry them both along with you from room to room.  If you suspect your house of having evil spirits, do not bring the candle or the incense along, leave it burning in the room.
  2. Anoint your duster with the wash in the spray bottle, or simply put a little olive oil on your palms and lightly anoint the duster. Dust every surface of the room, specifically the ceiling corners of each room.  Don’t forget the ceiling fans and light fixtures.
  3. Again, working top to bottom, and front to back.  Lightly spray down the curtains, fabric furniture, and bed covers.  Ideally all the beds have been stripped from the night before, and the bed cloths are washed and ready to be made up, or will be washed later and added clean to the beds.  In this case, spray down the mattress.
  4. Using your wash water, clean the window sills and the base boards.  If you have difficulties getting down on your knees to wash the base boards, use your duster along them.
  5. Open all your cabinet doors and drawers.  I like to knock three times on them before I open them.  Leave them open.
  6. If the floor is wood or tile, you will now wash the floor from back to front.
  7. If the floor is carpet, or you have area rugs, sprinkle the Floor/Carpet sprinkle on it back to front, recite your Psalm fully while praying, and then vacuum the sprinkle up.
  8. Take your white cloth dressed with anointing oil and step backwards out of the room, then reach up and wipe down the door way of room, especially the lintel.

If you need to make fresh wash water or expect to need more then one, do one of the following processes. 

  1. Throw EACH of the buckets outside to the east and make a new bucket up. 
  2. Carry a cup of the dirty wash water forward into the next bucket of wash water.
  3. After making up the first bucket with your spiritual cleanser, use only a cup from it in each cleaning bucket.  Augment that bucket with more Chinese floor wash, Pine Sol, Ajax or Lysol cleaner and throw outside to the east when done. This is my preferred method when I am washing the whole house, as I like to make herbal infusions as part of my cleaning.


This is the most important step:

Final wash on the front door; Wash the front door from the inside out, paying special attention to the lintel and stoop.  Sweep your porch completely. Dispose of the last bit of wash water outside to the east.

Then say:
Let no sadness come through this gate, Let no trouble come to this dwelling, Let no fear come through this door, Let no conflict be in this place, Let this home be filled with the blessing of joy, and peace."

Drawing Inwards:
You will now bless the house inwards. 

  1. Use one of the drawing or blessing washes from my recipe guide, or simply wipe down your door frame again with the white cloth and anointing oil.
  2. Go from room to room:
    Put a dab of anointing/drawing oil in the corner of each window sill.
    Put either kosher salt or a small pea size bit of camphor in the corner of each room and in the center, under the bed/area rug or in a small bowl or jar as close to the center of the room as possible.

Continue from room to room.  Do not forget:

  • Closets – do not over look your closets!
  • The lintel of every door frame
  • Handrails
  • Stairs
  • Open all cabinet doors and drawers


Permission to Copy: You have permission to copy this page to your own website as long as you give me a link back to (Please send me an email at [email protected] and let me know if you do) ~ Lara


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