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One Hour Hoodoo Consultation - $60.00

To purchase a One Hour Hoodoo Consultation and Intuitive Reading with Lara Rivera, of Hearth Home Hoodoo click the Paypal Pay Now button below. In this reading we will discuss your spiritual needs and life situation. I will seek to provide guidance and solutions both magical and mundane. I do not seek to divine the future, instead to listen and intuitively cut to the heart of the matter.

I am a trained and certified Hoodoo Practitioner and Spiritual Consultant. I can advise you on spell work, product purchases and other Hoodoo solutions that you can do yourself to gain the results you seek. I do not offer my services as a form of entertainment. Serious Clients Only

Readings with Lara
Requested Appointment Time

Upon receipt of payment please email me at [email protected] with your preferred time to speak. My hours are Sun, Tues, Wed and Fri, 12 to 4 pm CST. (Other times by pre-approval only. Please contact before bidding.)

Free Altar Services

You may send me a photo, business card, dollar bill or written petition with your name written on the back.  I will dress and smoke your item on the appropriate work day and set the item on my love, blessing or money altar.

Set on Altar Vigil Lights

I am happy to set a vigil light for you on my altar.  I will use your picture, a hand written petition, herbs, roots and oils to custom craft your candle for your specific need.  I set lights for money work, love, road opener, court case, blessing, uncrossing and friendship.  You can either call the shop to order this service, or order the light from my eBay store


Custom Made Mojo

If you need a mojo hand made for you, I will be happy to prepare a mojo bag specifically for you and your situation.  I have made mojo hands for marriage, money drawing, court case, attracting love, and gambling.  I have three very special mojos that I make for gambling; slot machines, card games and dice games.  Please call the shop at 972-994-6644 and ask for Lara.


Bottle Spells, Honey Jar Spells and Hot Foot Jars

I custom make a variety of container spells for my clients.  They include bottle spells, witch bottles, honey jars and hot foot jars.  If you need to draw a lover closer, keep your home safe from evil influence, sweeten a judge to your case or drive off those who wish you harm, these spells are a perfect way to get your needs met.  Each of my spells include herbs, roots, oils and sachet powders.  Depending on the situation I can made special wax poppets of you or the person you need fixed.

(Here you can see the preparation of a hot foot jar with a small black wax poppet in the jar.)

Lost Items

I have the ability to find lost items.  If you have lost something and can not find it, please contact me and I may be able to help you.  Call during normal business hours.

Free Consultation

I offer free 15 minute consultations via phone to anyone who wishes to contact me.  You may call during my business hours.  There is no charge for consultation nor will I push any services on you.  When I say free consultation, I mean it.  Please call.

Your Rights and My Rights

You have the right to privacy and the assurance of my personal attention to your job.  I am committed to offering my very best at all times. 


I Do Not Judge!  Work Performed for any
Race, Creed, Color or Personal, Political,
Religious or Sexual Preference or Affiliation.

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